Pilot Census

Pilot Census is a comprehensive test of all Census procedures. The essential characteristics of a pilot Census are the coverage of one or more substantial administrative divisions and the execution of the preparatory stages, by which it tests the suitability of the entire Census plan and its organization. To better serve this purpose, the conditions in the pilot census should be as close as possible to those that will be during the current enumeration. For this reason, it is recommended that a pilot census be done one year before the census so that there is sufficient time to reflect on all possible improvements after data analysis and the process in general.

The main goal of Pilot Census is to test in real terms the cartography, methodology, organizational structure, CAPI system, logistical planning and interaction between all the resources planned to engage in Census.

Pilot Census direct objectives are:

  • To control the effectiveness of the organizational structure;
  • To control the accuracy of planning and logistical support material;
  • To conduct a final test of the questionnaire on a large scale, in particular to test the clarity of the questions and how they have been completed;
  • To verify the clarity and comprehensiveness of instructions to field staff;
  • To verify the handling of the application for CAPI data collection;
  • To verify the use of applications of enumerators, controllers and supervisors;
  • To verify the effectiveness and efficiency of data transmission procedures in the central database;
  • To verify the efficiency of field staff selection and recruitment method;
  • To verify the effectiveness of field staff training;
  • To verify the interaction between all units and levels included in the Census;
  • To verify the flow of information between all levels;
  • To verify and consolidate the data processing program using Census data

When will the Pilot Census be conducted?

The Pilot Population and Housing Census will take place in October 2021. Fieldwork will begin on October 4 and continue for six weeks.

In which areas the Pilot Census will be conducted?

The areas in which the Pilot Census will be conducted are 9 Municipalities as follows:

1. Fushë Arrëz;

2. Dibër;

3. Durrës;

4. Tiranë;

5. Kamëz;

6. Selenicë;

7. Korçë;

8. Pustec;

9. Dropull