Labour Force Survey / LFS


During the second quarter of 2018, the employment rate for the population aged from 15 to 64 is 59.2 %. In this quarter, compared to the same quarter of 2017, the total number of employed increased with 3.3 %. Compared to the first quarter of 2018, this indicator increased with 0.1 %. Reference metadata for LFS 2018 can be accessed on the link below:

All variables (79)
Serial number of the household
Sequence number in the household
Relationship to reference person
Sequence number of spouse or cohabiting partner
Sequence number of father
Sequence number of mother
Country of birth
Year of birth
Month of birth
Marital status
Response indicator
Reasons of refusal
Labour status
Reason for not having worked at all even though having a job
Duration of absence
Professional status
Continuous receipt of the wage or salary
Professional status
Supervisory responsibilities
kind of contact
Reasons for having a temporary job/work contract of limited duration
Total duration of temporary job or work contract of limited duration
Starting year of current main job
Month in which person started working
Economic Activity
Number of persons working at the local unit
Reasons for the part-time work
Need for care facilities
Hours usually worked
Hours actually worked
Paid overtime
Unpaid overtime
Reason for working more than hours usually worked
Reason for working less than hours usually worked
Looking for another job
Main reason for looking for another job
Existence of more than one job or business
Economic Activity
Professional status
Number of hours actually worked during the reference week in the second job
Month in which person last worked
Wish to work usually more than the current numbers of hours
Way that a person can work more
Number of hours that the person would like to work in total
Shift work
Evening work
Night work
Saturday work
Sunday work
Working at home
Existence of previous employment experience
Main reason for leaving last job or business
Economic Activity
Professional status
Reasons for not seeking employment
Situation immediately before person started to seek employment
Type of employment sought (or found)
Duration of search for employment
Willingness to work for person not seeking employment
Availability to start working within two weeks
Main reason for not being available to start working within two weeks
Registration at public employment office
Student or apprentice in regular education during the last four weeks
Attendance at any courses, seminars, conferences or receive private lessons or instructions
Number of hours spent on all taught learning activities within the last four weeks
Purpose of the most recent taught learning activity
The highest level of education completed
Year when highest level of education was successfully completed
Situation with regard to activity one year before survey
Professional status
Economic Activity