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Population 2,829,741inhabitants1 January 202107/05/2020
Employment rate 51.9 %Q1 - 202111/06/2021
Average gross monthly wage  56,019lekëQ1 - 202111/06/2021
Minimum wage  30,000lekëQ1 - 202111/06/2021
Retail trade103.5Q1 - 202117/06/2021
Active business entities166,38620202/6/2021
Number of building permits 347building permits issuedQ2 - 202130/08/2021
Arrivals of Albanian and foreign citizens1.646.963July 2021 23/08/2021
Mean household size3.7201905/10/2020
Monthly average consumption expenditures of households  82,235lekë201905/10/2020
Monthly mean equivalised disposable income 27,849lekë201914/05/2021
Households with Internet access83,3%202002/04/2021

Key Figures