The fishing sector in Albania is relatively small, yet it is important from the socio-economic point of view, since it is a crucial source of employment in the coastal areas. Sea fishing is divided into professional fishing which is considered as commercial fishing and professional artisanal fishing. During the recent years Aquaculture has faced a rising trend. Its activity is developed in reservoirs, artificial and natural lakes, as well as in lagoons and seaside. INSTAT with fisheries data such as: fish catches by water categories and prices and zenies, calculates the value of the fish catch by water categories.


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Fishing data provides users with information about the development of fisheries and aquaculture in the country.

Legal basis

  • Law no. 9180, date 5.2.2004 “On Official Statistics “, amended;
  • Official Statistics Program 2017 – 2021

Main variables:

Fish catch by water categories:

  • Marine,
  • Coastal line,
  • Coastal lagoons,
  • Inland waters,
  • Aquaculture

Sources for updating variables

For calculating fishing data, INSTAT uses administrative information provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration.



Fish catch data (fish and aquaculture production) are collected by water categories.

The aquatic fisheries categories are: marine fishing, brackish waters, lagoons, inland waters, aquaculture and molluscs.

Maritime Fishing: Includes all data on fishing fleet activity and production capacity of different fishing areas.


Is total number of fishing vessel which uses fixed resources.

Fishing capacity

The total quantity of catched fish in one fishing area. The catches are sub-divided by the area in which they were taken.


It is defined as the farming of aquatic organisms. Include fish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic plants.