Forests and pastures represent half of the land fund in the Republic of Albania. Forest statistics are referred the public forestry fund and the private forest which provide general and specific data on:

  • Production and sale of timber and assortments of raw material of wood
  • Economic data collection on forestry and utilization of forest products
  • The trade balance as well as the production and use of timber resulting from the use of forests..

Pasture data provides information on ownership size, location and timing of their use according to the seasons.

Data on protected areas by category. Threatened and protected species (flora and fauna).

Data on forest statistics are the administrative data. The institution responsible for collecting this data is the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment.


24-06-2019 Forestry and Biodiversity Statistics
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Forests cover 36.6 percent of the land fund, while the pastures and meadows cover about 15.6 percent. Occupying half of the land fund in the Republic of Albania. The total area of the forest fund is 1,052 million hectares, and the area of pasture fund 478 thousand hectares.

The existing protected areas  in 2016 are  totally 800 and occupy an area of 477566 ha, representing 16.6 percent the territory of the country's surface, and more than 27.4 percent of the forest land fund. In 2016, the area of National Parks  occupies 210500 ha., Which represents almost 7.5 percent of the country's territory.

Although a country of small size, Albania has a variety  of species (rich biodiversity), a consequence of the diversity of geology and geomorphology, topographical conditions, and very different climate and hydrology by region of the country.

Owing to the geographic position and the diversity of ecosystems in our country there are 3,200 species of plants that account for about 30% of European flora. Fauna is mainly represented by the Eurasian element, but it is from the Mediterranean Hellenic element as well as the Balkan subversion and endemism. Albania also makes a bio corresponding movement of fauna from north to south of Europe, and further  to northern Asia, small Asia and bilateral.

Legal basis                                             

  • National Statistical Law No.9180 “On Official Statistics”, date 05.02.2004, as amended,

  • Official Statistics National Programme 2017-2021

The main variables of forest statistics

  • Cadastral data of forestry found and capacity of pasture
  • Forest fund by ownership
  • Forestry use and main producs.
  • Forest investments
  • Network of protected areas

 Administrative resources

Ministry of Environment

National Environmental Agency


" Forestry fund " are all forest areas and non-forest small surfaces included, forest resources on attachment, related infrastructure, including surface bare which create a harmonious environment with forests and forest land (openings, cliffs, dunes and sandbanks), forest belts defense, isolated groups of trees and shrubs.

"Pasture Fund" is all area of natural pastures and meadows, trees and bushes within their surfaces used for grazing outside the agricultural land fund.

 "Protected area" declared land, water, marine and coastal certain protection as biological diversity, natural and cultural assets, other natural attachment related.