INSTAT calculate the population of 1st January every year. It refers to ‘resident population’, including every resident in the territory of Albania during the reference period (of two sequential 1st January) regardless their citizenship. The resident population consider international migrants (people who change their country of residence for a period of time longer than 12 months) adding to the number of population immigrants or returned migrants who satisfy the condition of usual resident and by deducting the number of emigrants, people who leave the country for a period of time longer than one year. Otherwise the estimated population doesn’t consider the short-term migrants (people who move for a period of time less than 12 months).

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Annual estimation population is based on cohort component method. This is a standard demographic method, which uses various data sources for the base components of population change. Population dynamics are defined by four components:

  1. Natural Increase (Births and deaths)

The starting point for the calculation of the resident population was considered the resident population on January 1st of the previous year. Births by sex during the 12 month period were added to this population and deaths by age, sex and prefecture respectively were deducted.

  1. Net Migration

International movements (international migration) are the most difficult component to measure, as a population register does not exist in Albania yet. In this way we use the best ‘proxy’ data to measure migration, based mainly on data collected from the migration module of the labor force survey combined with population projection rates 2011-3031.

  1. Births

The population change due to births. The live births that occurred during January 1st to December 31th of the previous year are added to population aged zero by sex and disaggregated by prefecture of the civil office where the births were registered.

Live Births Data

Live births by sex are provided by General Directory of Civil Status, which brings to INSTAT only the number of births by residents in Albania. INSTAT considers as a birth, those which occur or not in Albania, but the parents residence is in Albania and the birth act is issued from a Civil Office in Albania.

  1. Deaths

The population change due to deaths. Registered deaths in Albania from January 1st to 31 December of the previous year are deducted from the population by sex, age and prefecture of residence. Deaths data Data for deaths are provided by the General Directorate of Civil Status by main demographic characteristics. We take in consideration all deaths of Albanian residents during a reference period and not considering the deaths occurred abroad (emigrants).

Late registered deaths

We make an adjustment in the number of the late registered deaths for the actual year, in order to include all occurred deaths in a reference period. The number of late registered deaths in the previous year are considered as proxy for late registration of the actual year, considering the assumption (as a result of our continuous analyses) that the number of late registered deaths doesn’t change a lot from year to year.

  1. Internal movements

The internal movements, inside the territory of the country, are also provided yearly by the General Directorate of Civil Status. The data received contains all the internal movements of the population, including the change of residence (prefecture) reflected in the destination civil office of the person. Internal movements of the persons which are not registered in the respective civil offices in the destination prefecture are not considered.