Regional Accounts in Albania

National accounts reflect macro-economic developments of the country and offer users basic information leading indicator and its economic development.

Regional Accounts are based on the Nomenclature of Territorial Measuring Units for Statistics (NUTS) which is a uniform classification, and is used as a base for collection and processing of European regional statistics.

NUTS classification is used for:

  1. Collection, development and harmonization of statistics at regional level;
  2. Socio-economic analysis of the regions;
  3. For allocation of structural funds for development;

Regional accounts provide a regional break down for major aggregates such as Gross Value Added by economic branches, Gross Domestic Product etc.

Regional accounts play an important role in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of regional policies

For the estimation of GDP is used the information provided by various statistical and administrative sources. Data could be a result of surveys conducted from INSTAT. By comparing these sources with each other, it is obtained a clear picture of the economy which is comprehensive, consistent, coherent and fully integrated.

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