Administrative data on labour market

The publication of quarterly and annual administrative data on labor market indicators aims at a quantitative and dynamic assessment of labor market developments.

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Administrative data on labor market contain employment, unemployment and labour force data.

Legal Base

  • Law No.17/2018 on Official Statistics
  • Official Statistics National Programme 2017-2021

The main variables of administrative data on  labor market are grouped into the following categories:

Administrative data variables on employment
• Employment in the non-agricultural private sector
• employment in the public sector
• Employment in the private agricultural sector.

Administrative variables on registered unemployment are grouped into these categories
• age
• gender
• educational level
• category etc.

Sources for updating variables

Administrative resources

• General Directorate of Taxation
• Regional Statistical Offices
• National Employment Service

Updated variables are:

• Data on Employment
• Data on registered unemployment


Employment in the state sector consists of all employees in the central government, local government and public and non-budgetary public enterprises.

Employment in the non-agricultural private sector consists of all working age persons who have a job as wage-earner or self-employed as declared in the General Taxation Directorate.

Registered unemployment consists of all persons enrolled in employment offices based on DCM no. 70, dated 11.02.1999 "On the identification of unemployed jobseekers".

According to this law, "jobseeker" is any unemployed person, available for employment, which is periodically submitted to the relevant employment office. Such persons are also those who are in employment or self-employed, but who require a new job. The jobseeker is a person who:

a) lives in Albania,
b) is over 16 years of age
c) appear personally at the Employment Office to find a job
d) is fit for work